We are Cannavia

We are born from a family of farmers. For us, friends, family, and cannabis have always grown together. We stand, reach, and thrive as one.

Nature first

A love and respect for the natural world around us is central to our beliefs, our products, and our purpose. Nature charted the course that we chose to follow. Where it led us, was to each other.

Strength in numbers

Hundreds of years of collective experience. Multi-generational knowledge and insight. Cannavia is the combined strength of today’s leading cannabis farmers focused in one coordinated direction.

For farmers, by farmers

As a farmer-owned organization, the roots of our bonds run especially deep. We share unconventional beginnings, different surroundings, but identical goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Helpful answers to our most common questions.

Cannavia is a vertically integrated cannabis company fully owned by its farmer/producer members. Our mission is to provide a fully transparent path to market for small to mid-size California cannabis farmers who will share in the profits.

Side by side

We grow cannabis and business our own way, together. Cannavia gives small to mid-size cannabis farms colossal clout by leveraging our collective knowledge, experience, and potential. We come from different backgrounds, but we steer the same ship.
Our voyage starts here
We empower cannabis farmers by combining our strengths and working together to improve our practices. The destination? A better future for us all.
Get to know Cannavia
We have nothing to hide, and plenty to share. We are farmer owned and farmer grown to give small to mid-size cannabis farmers the cooperative advantage they deserve.
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